Designing a new organizational structure for SARAS and enhancing its HR management framework

29 September 2020                 15 October 2020




In September and October, representatives of the Service for Accounting, Reporting and Auditing Supervision held two virtual meetings with colleagues from the Hellenic Accounting and Auditing Standards Oversight Board and invited experts from Greece’s Independent Authority for Public Revenue and the Greek Business Register to discuss matters related to the organizational structure and human resource management framework of SARAS.

Preliminary discussions on these issues took place back in July when several proposals were presented by the Greek side based on organizational structures of different EU institutions with the same or similar mandate as SARAS.

Following those earlier discussions, a new organizational structure model was proposed by SARAS taking into account the findings of the February assessment of its current administrative and HR structure. The proposed new structure includes, among others, suggestions for changes in the size and mandate of the Board and is intended to bring SARAS closer to EU best practices with regard to the governance of supervisory bodies.

The experts also developed and introduced recommendations concerning the HR management framework that SARAS currently has in place and that will need to be adjusted under the new organizational structure. The recommendations shared by the experts in this regard related to job descriptions, the setting and monitoring of targets, the granting of exemptions from legislative provisions on remuneration of public servants to certain categories of specialists, performance appraisal, and training programs - all aimed at contributing to the Service’s sustainability and improved functioning.