Development of Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)

11-12 July 2019

                                                                            2-3 October 2019


Following the drafting of amendments to the primary and secondary legislation of Georgia on accounting, reporting and auditing, the experts held further consultations with representatives of SARAS as well as Ilia State University regarding the development of impact assessment reports on these amendments. The parties discussed the key elements of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), the approach and methodology to be applied and the resources needed.



In July, the first draft of the structured questionnaire was prepared for impact assessment on Accounting and Audit Directives 2013/34/EU and 2014/56/EU, respectively. The experts, representatives of SARAS and Ilia State University finalized a set of questions of the said questionnaire during the second round of consultations, agreeing along the way on the next steps and procedures to be followed in the process of the development of RIA.